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Using the most up-to-date face recognition software available, plus the search software we use, matched with our trained support staff working around the clock, we promise to provide you with a discreet, trustworthy, reliable, intelligent and unprecedented on-line dating surveillance service. We reliably search the top 10 most subscribed on-line dating websites. These websites although international cover every town and city in the world.

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    You can trust us to securely, privately and continually monitor on-line dating websites based on your search criteria

  • Commitment


    We are committed to working for you 24/7 to give you the peace of mind you deserve and require

  • Secure and private

    Secure and private

    Our service is 100% secure and private. Guaranteed. Your partner will have no knowledge of your surveillance of them



EyeSpyU offers you three subscription packages to suit your requirements.
*All Payments in US Dollars



    • Monitoring top 6 international on-line dating websites
    • Weekly email updates on activity (if required)
    • Private Gmail email address to access your notifications

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  • Only 9% of men and 14% of women said they’d have sex with somebody else as revenge for their partner’s infidelity.

  • Boredom was the reason 71% of unfaithful men and 49% of the women gave for acting on sexual temptation. Think that your relationship is so good that sexual boredom is no big deal? You could be wrong. Even people who are very happy in their relationships admitted to curbing their sexual boredom with someone else.

  • Warning to Men: When an old flame approaches your lady, watch out. Nearly one-third (32%) of women who admitted to acting on sexual temptation said it was with an old boyfriend or crush, compared to 21% of men. And the danger zone for this occurring is two to five years into a relationship, when the rate of old-flame affairs among the unfaithful jumps to 42%!

  • Most men are still in love with their wives when they cheat.

  • Why do people cheat?  20% cheating women say because of a sexless marriage, 35% of married moms say to spice things up, 56% cheating men say they are in a happy marriage, 34% cheating women say they are in a happy marriage

  • In a new survey, a dating site for married people looking to cheat, found that out of 6,000 of its users, 45 percent said they cheated because their partner spent too much time on their phones or tablets.  What’s more, a whopping two-thirds said they wouldn’t have hooked up with someone else if it weren’t for the help of the internet and other new technologies.

  • 44% women cheat because they are attracted to the person, 32% women need to reaffirm desirability, 48% men cheat because they want more sex, 48% men want more variety of sex



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  • My husband cheated on me before and I wanted to believe him when he said he would never do it again. I didn’t want to just take his word for it.  I didn’t trust him anymore.  I signed up with EyeSpyU.com for monitoring purposes and it has been the best thing I have ever done for my marriage.  I have had zero notifications that they have found his profile on any of the sites.  I am happy, content and most of all relieved.  We are both working harder at our marriage and I am beginning to trust him all over again. Thank you EyeSpyU

    Lu, Hong Kong
  • I don’t use EyeSpyU for my partner but for my daughter!  She is under 18 and should be using on-line dating websites.  In this day and age, everyone needs this service. Bravo EyeSpyU for being the best at the job.

    Paula, USA
  • I am a lucky lady and am married to a very handsome, successful businessman.  The downside of this is that he is never at home with his family.  I use EyeSpyU for my piece of mind.  They are right when they say “no news is good news”.  I would highly recommend EyeSpyU for monitoring of your partner.  You can’t beat them.


    Claire, UK
  • My wife and I had problems for years.  I didn’t want to be with her anymore but didn’t have the heart to let her know. I signed up with EyeSpyU and found out she was back swimming in the “dating pool” on line. Thanks to the information EyeSpyU sent me it was much easier and such a relief to find out we both wanted to end the marriage.

    Simon, UK
  • My wife was never at home, and I had no idea what she was doing. I was clueless until I stumbled across EyeSpyU.  I wasn’t really prepared to receive the news she was on dating sites but I needed to know.

    Tom, Canada
  • My mind was in turmoil. I had no idea whether my husband was cheating on me or not. I found EyeSpyU and within days found out he had his profile up on not just one but three dating website. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Thanks EyeSpyU for giving me back my piece of mind.

    Suzie, NYC